My purpose for this website…

is for the writing of my life’s story, “My Life As A Peeping Tom.” It is my prayer that God will use it in ways that only He can, and He will bring about changes that prevent others from continuing down that same ugly path as have I.

I pray this is a part of His marvelous Salvation Plan, and that this may be the very reason for my existence, to be used by Him for His own good pleasure.

Additionally, this website is for the dissemination, proliferation and discussion of Nibiru, or Planet X. It is my intention to make as many people as possible aware of this menace. This planet is here now in our solar system, already wreaking havoc on our planet, as well as our sun. 

I’m using this site as a vehicle for broadcasting the information made available by scientists and lay people regarding this planetary nemesis called Nibiru. It was so named by the Sumerian people centuries ago. They did not have satellites or telescopes, yet they were very aware of Nibiru’s existence.

It is very real, but don’t believe me. Check it out for yourself and then pass this information on to others. They have a right to know.

Thanks for reading. Please let me hear from you.

Bill Ernstberger