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On October 13, 2013, my wife, Joyce Mae, slipped into a deep coma. Eight days later she passed, ever to be with the LORD at His Second Coming. Not only do I trust in the Lord Jesus Christ that Joy will some day be in His presence, but my Joy is only one of three people I have ever known for whom I believe this is so.

She and my Mom and Dad, because of their undying dedication and love for me, can only be explained by the belief that they are truly born again, elected and predestined at the foundation of the world, and were imbued with the power of the Holy Spirit. No natural human beings could possibly love one such as I with such unwavering devotion.

This is in memory of my wife, Joy, and my Mom and Dad, Jean and Bill. I do not wish to taint this, their memory, with any part of the ugliness of my life. Suffice it to say, I gave them every reason to turn away from me, yet they never turned their backs on me…

Mom and Dad held fast to me their entire lives. God truly blessed me by putting them into my life. It has taken me 77 years and their death, to come to this realization. If only I could have but a moment with each of them; if but a moment to say how terribly sorry am I for the hell I put them through; if but a moment to tell them I am so grateful for them; if but just a moment to express my love and how terribly I miss them.

They have suffered enough. Now it is theirs to know the joys of blissful sleep, and the promise of their one day being with the LORD. As bespeaks the axiom, “what goes around, comes around,” it is now mine to suffer…

Bill Ernstberger